Saturday, June 22, 2013

Book Report: Undeniably Yours, By Becky Wade

Well goodness ... Becky Wade did it again. From rich heiress, to hunky tattooed cowboy, she's covered the bases and left her readers satisfied.

You always wonder how an author will best their great debut novel ... and if they CAN. She did. In spades.

Characters: The characters are rich with life and story. Meg has inherited her father's wealth, based in oil, rich in family heritage, and ripe with obligation. Bo runs her thoroughbred ranch that Meg has decided to close. I really enjoyed how Meg and Bo have their "quirks". From Meg's anxiety attacks, to Bo's insatiable obligation to the ranch and its employees, the story keeps the reader engaged and invested in Meg and Bo's story.

Plot: It's a romance, so it's not fraught with murder and mayhem. But! It's full of problems, from the moment Meg's ex-husband's girlfriend shows up on her doorstep to the pilfering of family funds points fingers at unlikely suspects.

I truly loved this book and you definitely will too! It's a great read, fun, witty in spots, sad in others, and altogether a well-rounded contemporary romance that you'll keep on your bookshelf for many years to come!

So let's help you put it there! Enter to win by leaving YOUR comment: Would you choose to close a thoroughbred ranch or would the horses call your name?


  1. Anything to do with horses calls my name - wish I was younger and richer - I'd have me a riding horse, I would. ';D

    Gonna have to get me this book.
    Good job, Jaime!

  2. I agree - I would have a hard time closing the ranch. I would want to do everything possible to make sure it stayed open.

    Thanks for this opportunity.

    In Him,

    Cheri :)

  3. If the horses started to call my name. I would have to sign myself in a Psych ward! LOL I could not imagine the stun reaction if I heard horses calling my name!!! LOL I would not close a thoroughbred ranch, who would take care of the horses!

    Great review!
    Looking forward to reading this book!!!

    Linda Ortiz

  4. Becky is my new favourite author! I haven't read this book yet but I loved her first book- which I haven't seen because my friends and family are reading it and passing it along! :)
    Lisa Medeiros

  5. I loved "My Stubborn Heart" and would love to win a copy of "Undeniably Yours"! Thanks for the opportunity!


  6. Honestly - I'd have to shut down the ranch or sell it to someone who really loved horses- horribly allergic to horses! I think they are beautiful - but they make my eyes swell shut and cause problems with my breathing. Kind of like to see and breathe mroe than I like horses! What a bummer! I love Becky's writing. My Stubborn Heart was a favorite and I've read it twice and found it just as good the second time around. Can't wait to read this one too! silygoos at gmail dot com

  7. Thank you so much Jaime! What a fun surprise to check facebook and see the link to this book report there. Thanks very much for reading and reviewing Undeniably Yours. I'm honored to see that a few of the ladies (Lisa, Gwendolyn, and Susan) enjoyed My Stubborn Heart. Wow - I truly appreciate the support and encouragement.

    There's no way I'd ever close down a thoroughbred racehorse ranch. Nope! Not on my watch. I've always loved horses.

  8. ~ I would most likely shut it down. I am not an animal person by any stretch of the imagination. Though my hubby convinced me to get a dog almost 12 years ago, it has been a battle between my shoes and furniture and the dog ;) I would never see an animal hurt though. I would close the doors while my daughters stood in tears behind me crying and begging me not too.

  9. I'm not a horse person - would rather read about them than own them - & would probably shut it down. Would like to read the book - thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  10. I've never lived on a ranch before, so I would love to won one with horses since I love riding them!! I can't wait to read this book!


  11. I think I would most likely shut the ranch down.

    I read "My Stubborn Heart" and loved it! Would love to have an opportunity to read "Undeniably Yours"!


  12. I love my horses, but they are money sinks. Closing or not would depend on finances. I firmly believe that if you can't afford to keep an animal, you shouldn't. Animals deserve the best care and that takes $$$.

    Sounds like a good book!
    twinwillowsfarm at gmail dot com

  13. is it too late to be entered?!?!? i loved her debut, and if you're saying this is even better...i have to read it to believe it. :)

    jeannie at charactertherapist dot com
    the character therapist


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