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Book Report: A Great Trilogy, by Lena Nelson Dooley

I first read Lena Nelson Dooley's Heartsong Presents paperback, Pirate's Prize. It was fabulous. I didn't imagine some time later, I'd be blogging cohorts with this wonderful woman and author at the Christian Fiction Historical Society blog. So I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to read her latest trilogy about triplet sisters separated at birth. It's an honor also as I related to their stories about being adopted and while I wasn't born on the Oregon Trail (ahem!) nor in the back of a covered wagon, my adoptive parents were and are my parents and my blesssings. Although, I was quick to find out, not every adoptee can make that claim, as seen in some of the following books:

First up in this line of great historical romances, is Maggie's Journey. The daughter of wealthy merchants, she never quite measures up to her mother's expectations. When she uncovers her adoption history, Maggie is on a mission to find the truth and the parents of her birth.

Characters: I really enjoyed the characters in this book. I think Florence, Maggie's mother who adopted her as a baby, stunned me a bit. In the prologue she was a heartbroken, childless woman who was overwhelmed with the blessing of little Maggie. And in Chapter One she became an overbearing and critical mother. I love the journey, Lena took the reader on through Florence's perspective. She became my favorite character in the book -- and she wasn't even the main character! Maggie is delightful but haunted. Her journey to find herself takes her deep into her soul and along for the journey is Charles -- our faithful hero, strong in faith, loyal in love, and steady.

Spiritual thread: I really appreciate how Lena didn't rush into an adoption reunion story. Rather she focused on the family that Maggie does have. They all must do some serious soul searching as secrets are revealed, honor is challenged, and wounded hearts are either mended or left to bleed. The theme of reconciliation is thick in this book. I believe many adopted young women can relate well to Maggie's journey and Lena did a fabulous job of connecting with issues deep in the heart of an adopted child.

Next up, is Mary's Blessing. Mary can make no claims to wealth and while her upbringing was swathed in love and the reassurance that though she was not their own, Mary was a blessing to her parents. But the blessing dies along with her mother, and now the burden of a grief-stricken father and a family to raise leaves Mary with little hope for her own future.

Characters: Mary is loyal -- to a fault almost. Her undying faithfulness to her father and family has seen fit to ostracize her from the one man who could provide her wealth, contentment and even love. Daniel is set on Mary until he realizes she comes into his heart with the baggage of family, farm, and labor he's not willing to accept. There struggles in relationship are deep and Mary's journey to find answers to her past to help answer the questions of today is ongoing and heart-wrenching.

Spiritual thread:  The thread here is wonderful. Showing how a man is to love the woman with a servant's heart rather than expecting she follow without question. Being willing to sacrifice for each other and coming to terms with the hard sacrifices that sometimes must be made because of love.

Last but not least, we come to the conclusion of this delightful trilogy, Catherine's Pursuit.
I think perhaps this one was my favorite. Maybe because it was the culmination of the story of the three identical sisters separated by birth.

Characters: I related the most to Catherine. Maybe because she's determined to find her sisters regardless of the hurt and ache she has experienced at the hands of their father's deception. Family loyalty drives Catherine and then reunion becomes her drive. I thoroughly enjoyed Collin (probably because I'm partial to that name and my husband wasn't so my son isn't named Collin -- side note). Collin, a sailor (who doesn't swoon over that?) is protective, a bit awkward, and humble. His endearing qualities drew me in right away and he was a perfect match to Catherine.

Spiritual thread:  It's a culmination of renewing, grace, reconciliation and faith.

I loved these books!! You will too! Lena is an amazing writer of heart-warming stories. SO! To help introduce you, please leave a comment and enter to win your pick of one of these three!

What would YOU do if you found out you one of three identical triplets?

Winner of last week's "Undeniably Yours", by Becky Wade is:    Lisa Medeiros


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  1. Love Lena's books! If I found out I was part of a triplet clan, I would be shock. One of me is enough to handle, let alone two more! LOL! It would be really weird to know I was part of triplets, but than again it does have it's advantages :)

    Linda Ortiz

    1. Isn't she great? Her books enthralled me!

  2. I love to read this author, and have read books 1 and 3 so should I win would love to read Mary's story.
    I cannot even begin to imagine being one of triplets, I did have 5 sisters though...
    This is a wonderful story of the three girls and the wagon train trip that began their journey...Loved it

    Paula O(

  3. I haven't started reading this trilogy, yet, but I'm very much looking forward to doing so. I've enjoyed several of Lena's books.

    If I found out that I was a triplet, I would really be shocked. It would be fun, though, to meet the other two, which hopefully would be girls and identical--LOL!!
    may_dayzee (at) yahoo (dot) com

  4. I think I would be in shock, then I would welcome my sisters with open arms. When I was little I always wanted a sister. I finally gave in and bought the first two books so I really need Catherine's Pursuit, thank you for giving me the chance to win it.


  5. Such a neat storyline! If I found out I was one of triplets - I definitely would want to get together with the other two ASAP & learn as much as possible about them. I don't have any sisters & would have fun getting to know them.


  6. I have seen the covers of these books and REALLY WANT TO READ them!! I am just drawn by the covers alone. Now, after reading this blog on them... The desire is even greater!

    If I were to find out I was one of a set of triplets... wow. I guess I would be both excited and hesitant all at once. I would definitely want to know everything about my sisters. Where have they been? What have their lives been like? Have they had contact? How long have they known about me? etc, etc.



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