Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A day in the life of a writer

What DOES a writer do? A lot of you who hang out here at the CCC aren't writers, you're readers, and we LOVE that. I remember the days of being a reader. Sometimes I long to go back to opening a good book and not feeling like I should be opening my laptop instead and writing my own story.

So, what is the day in a life of writer. May I first state, what it is NOT?
  • It is NOT quiet mornings in my flannel jammies, a cup of hot coffee, on my porch overlooking the back forty, and my laptop
  • It is NOT afternoons, feet up, at the local coffee shop feverishly pounding out my word count
  • It is NOT moment after moment of literary brilliance
  • It is NOT writing with contract in hand, agent emailing me every four hours, and publishers beating down my door
  • It is NOT piles and piles of unwritten stories like a favorite TBR pile that just need me to hurry up this one so I can start the next
  • It is NOT evenings by the campfire, with my trusty lap top, blanket, and my muse *coffee
So, what IS a day in the life of a writer? Well in my life it's ...

  • Up at 3 AM with one of the children who seem to toggle back and forth between wet diapers, ear infections, bronchitis and having to "go potty"
  • Up at 6 AM to feed the 1 yr old Peter Pan who inherited the lungs of a roaring lion on steroids (forget rising to early to exercise, he'll know I'm up and just move up his wake time)
  • To my day job by 8:00 (on a good day) to direct HR and pretend I know what I'm doing (no time to grab coffee since our coffee shop doesn't have a drive thru...sigh)
  • Grabbing writing moments on my lunch break -- 1 hour max to pound out 1,000 words
  • Composing my next scene during that all important company meeting I'm supposed to be contributing to
  •  Back home by 4:30/5 pm to finish up work calls while I make dinner and corral two kids who just realized Mommy's home!
  • Play time interspersed with all the things stay at home moms get done during the day (sorry SAHM's, I know you have more than your share of burdens too but sometimes I'm envious of having 8 hours a day to get house stuff done!)
  • Bedtime begins at 6:30 pm so our OCD munchkin doesn't fly into a panic at being rushed and skipping routine
  • Kids in bed by 7:30.
  • QUICK! HOUSEWORK!! FAST! Dishes done, laundry ignored, vacuum--what's that?
  • 8 pm - writing time. 
  • 9 pm - get Peter Pan up to drink a bottle so he has a lesser percentage of getting up at 3 AM hungry (yes, he's a yr old and has the eating habits of a newborn)
  • 9:30 pm - back to writing
  • 10 pm - oh shoot! I better shower 'cause I won't be able in the morning
  • 10:15 - exercise? darn it. Tomorrow
  • 10:30/11 - collapse into bed.
A day in the life of a writer means eeeking out time to write in between the insanity. 40+ hours at work with all the housework I don't have the luxury of doing during the day means sacrifices must be met. TV, no. Reading time, sketchy. I've been known to type scenes in that 2 hr time from from supper to bedtime if the kids are content on their own (rare).

Writing is not something you's something you LOVE. Reading while making dinner, writing for fifteen minutes between meetings at work, social networking on the phone walking down the hall to the bathroom ... you learn to make the most of EVERY minute. That's what passion is. That's a day in the life of this writer ...

What's your passion? How do you make time for it?


  1. I thought you were going to say social networking while ON the bathroom throne! LOL
    "reading while making supper"---yep, been there, done that. Stir, stir--flip page, peek at the pot or pan, stir, read on.....

    1. Well ... I couldn't be THAT honest on a blog, Anne ;)

  2. This sounds soooo familiar. Writing with little ones (or in my case little one) at home is a CHALLENGE. But we do it because we love it...or maybe we're just gluttons for punishment.

    1. I think maybe it's a little bit of both ;)

  3. AMEN!!! I read this and just nodded...nodded...nodded! And I so want that cup of coffee!

  4. I admire the way you fit it all in, Jaime. Cheers


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