Monday, May 20, 2013

Will Every Moment Count This Week?

I was sifting through pictures on my laptop and saw this picture from last summer. My Peter Pan, all of a size nothing, fit in the crook of my arm while we sun bathed. He was two months old here. (And this is as close to a swimsuit pic as you'll ever see me in--ever!)

Tonight I tucked Peter Pan in, sick with bronchitis, his nose crusty, his head on my shoulder and feet dangling well past my waist. His hand curled in my hair and a hoarse, croaking, "mamamama" rattled from his mouth. Mama's here, sweet one. Mama's here.

I'm struck by how fast life goes. This boy is walking behind push mobiles and crawling up steps, chowing down pizza and ... trading me in for Gramma (well, who wouldn't?!).

And then my baby girl, sweet Kokomo Jo, who used to tuck her face into her Georgie Monkey in car rides and sleep sound, her sippy cup in her lap now waved her hand in the air tonight and with a victorious cry of a 3 yr old announced, "I gotta Buggar, I gotta Buggar!!!! oh. I lost it."

Where does the time go? My parents are in their seventies, my brother is turning forty, I have one grandparent left, my dear sweet Gramma who is forgetting more than she's remembering. I looked in the mirror last week and realized, it didn't matter what I did, that WAS an age spot in the corner of my cheek. Sigh. Wasn't I just 22 and rambunctious--staying up til 3 AM drinking coffee at the local diner with my cousin? Didn't Nate and I just get married--oh, that was 13 years ago. Wait. In thirteen years I'll be...50. God save me.

I'm reminded of the Scripture in James 4:14, "yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes". I always thought it a rather depressing verse. Thanks, Lord. Thanks for reminding me I'm almost dead.

But tonight, I'm reading it differently.

What does my life mean? What legacy do I leave behind? I don't know what tomorrow will bring. Will Kokomo Jo remember Mommy living a life that glorifies the Lord, or will she remember a harried woman, stressed, irritable, and cranky? Will Peter Pan treasure the knowledge of Christ imparted to him by his mother, or will he wonder someday, how devoted his mother truly was?

If I'm going to be fifty in thirteen years, it doesn't mean I'm going to pass away (because it's the new thirty right?). But I believe James is imparting a serious mission to us as Believers. Make your life count for Jesus! Only that which is eternal will last! I cannot fathom eternity without my children. It is my greatest horror. It is my deepest prayer. I may only have a small amount of time left ... or I may have decades. But, I don't know. And the people I work with--do I view them through eternal glasses? Does it make that obnoxious co-worker less obnoxious and more critical when you look at them as a soul lost?

 Will you stop running the ragged race of life--grocery shopping, need to gas up the car, oh my gosh where's my cell phone, STUPID dishes, why does my boss act like that, maybe I'll get my raise next year, oh those crazy kids why don't they pick up their shoes when I ask them to!
STOP! None of it is eternal. That soccer scholarship--not eternal. That devotion to every high school sport your kid is in and sacrifice of fellowshiping on Sunday in exchange for swim meets? Not necessarily eternal.

Will every moment count this week? Wherever you are, whatever choice you make, will you make it for Jesus and for the legacy of His glory that you leave behind?

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  1. Awesome encouragement! I think kids really help us remember this. Sometimes, I just lay everything down and sit on the floor and play with them. The days feel long sometimes, but they do pass so quickly.

    PS That's a pretty awesome swimsuit pic for someone with a 2 month old :)

    1. Yeah, well, I was hiding my legs and gut beneath the surface and using my newborn as a shield! LOL horrible mommy! :)

  2. Okay. I just did the math. I'll be 46 in 13 years. My son will be almost 18! Eek! Great post.

    1. Yikes. I didn't math-it-out on my kids. In 13 years my daughter will be 16! God help us. :P

  3. Love this post! Really makes ya think about what's important in life...counting it for eternity! Thanks for the reminder!

    Oh, and in 13 years, I'll be 46. And the kids will be 24, 22, 18! Aaaahhhhh!!!!!

  4. Hmm, next year I'll be 46, I'm not about to do that math on 13!!


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