Thursday, May 23, 2013

What's Your Coffee?

I'm off for five days! A sweet vacation at home with the kiddos. Starting with garage sales this morning! (I'm sure the little ones are SO excited). Coffee will be a run through the Starbucks that just opened...wait for it .. FIVE MINUTES from MY HOUSE!

So, as you all rejoice with me, here's a few housekeeping things to round out the week:

1. The book report is coming! DeeAnne Gist's latest "It Happened at the Fair". It will be posted this weekend, so stay tune as Anne ferociously finishes reading it. :)

2. Memorial Day is a holiday, so we'll be hanging with family and looking forward to rejoining you on Tuesday. We'll be asking who YOUR hero is!

3. LAST BUT NOT LEAST! The winner of last week's DOUBLE BOOK GIVEAWAY is: Linsey! Linsey, please shoot me an email or FB message with your address so I can get the books shipped out to you!

 Have a fantastic holiday weekend!!!


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