Thursday, May 16, 2013

It's a Reader's Poll: What's Your Decade?

Thank God it's Thursday! Coffee's on. This week it's: Starbuck's Pike's Place Roast.

Calling all readers. Pull up a chair and sit at my coffee table. What's on your reading stack?

What decades and eras do you like to read from the most? Least?
What's been over done? Under done? 

by permission:

1. Civil War vs. WWI?
2. Revolutionary War vs. WWII?
3. What happens in the 1850's anyway? Under done?
4. Reconstruction (1864-1875ish) vs. Depression?
5. Roaring 1920's vs. Crashing 1890's
6. Industrial Revolution vs. Suffrage?
7. Gold Rush vs. Land Rush--Westward ho!?


I think the 1800-1840's are a little under done. But just think about all that settlement that happened during that time, and all the dirt, bugs, and disease--not very romantic. Just think of all the melting in the melting pot, the Westward expansion that happened. Indians. Primitive farming. Immigration. Poor sanitation. Cholera. Yellow Fever. Education. Really these were the formative years for our baby nation.

And while we're on that subject of under done vs. over done, what about location? 

I'm a little weary of the prairie, the school teacher, the Rockies, and Texas--in fiction that is. (I'm married to a teacher!) And I don't read bonnet fiction--they are my neighbors, I don't want to read about them. No offense.

I'd have to say, right now I'm in love with the North woods of our nation--The Great Lakes, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Maine. And, well, of course my manuscript is set in Wisconsin. The North Woods just screams rustic no matter what decade. There's something romantic about the woods, no matter the season. I think it's been over looked and under done. Who doesn't love boots, suspenders, and flannel? 

by permission:

I'd also love to read more from New England, Oklahoma, and the Appalachians.

What trends do you see, or would you love to see in fiction?
What have you learned from the industry lately about reader trends?

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  1. My current stuff is set in 1860's Arizona/New Mexico during and after the fiasco of Bosque Redondo/Fort Sumner when the army imprisoned 10,000 Indians in a camp meant for 5000. With no drinkable water, readily available food, firewood or shelter. I also plan a WW2 Japanese POW camp series. I know, perky, right?
    Reader trends? Please, no more bonnet novels.

    1. ...and thus "Mennonite girl without a bonnet"! :)

      Huh, never read about those events before Jennifer, sounds interesting...

  2. My favorite period is the Reconstruction Era and my favorite setting the Far West. I'm a native Californian, and I love seeing stories set in this area. That's not to say I don't enjoy stories set in Texas, Colorado, and other parts of the West, but I see so many of them that at times I crave something different.

    1. I find myself wanting more from the Pacific Northwest Keli. Maybe because I've been there. I've seen many states, but never California. I do have the Sonoma Valley on my bucket list though! Great to see you here today. :)

  3. I seem to be on a war kick. First I have to say I'm so happy to see Jocelyn Green's Civil War novels! My settings have been from the 1765 NY Frontier to 1915 Hudson Valley and have included the UK, Texas and the Great Lakes. My brain is trying to soak up a lot of history...but I love the research!

    I don't read many contemporaries unless they are by authors I know, and I don't read many set in the west (unless... they are by authors I know.) I sure would love more reading time!

    1. But how can you have reading time when you are researching that much time 1765-1915?!

      I love genealogy. I do most of my period research while I'm working on my family history. I'd love to read NY Frontier to the Hudson Valley. :)


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