Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Downton Abbey--Season Four

Mark your calendars...PBS has just announced this week that season four of the famed Downton Abbey will premiere on Sunday, January 5, 2014.

Can't you just hear the music now.... 

Set you DVR. Program your TiVo. The eight week season that runs through February 24, 2014 will include such cast additions as Tom Cullen, Dame Harriet Walters, Gary Carr, and Nigel Harman. The word on PBS is that Tom Cullen will play a new love interest for Lady Mary Crawley. His name, and I love this one, will be Lord Gillingham. Leave lovely English names, well--to the English. However, it sounds as if there will be no lack of interest in Mary, as more than one dashing Englishman vies for her affections.

I also can't wait for Shirley MacClaine's reappearance as Cora's mother, what a class act snarky but endearing American. I just love her. Apparently there will be a new race-related story thread as well, if internet sources are correct. And I hear the Cora's lady's maid, O'Brien, may perhaps get her good riddance.

Check the PBS website for more information: PBS: Downton Abbey Season 4

If you like spoilers, check out this site (fair warning!):  The Stir

If you've never heard of Fanfiction, you might want to browse the 238 entries for Downton Abbey:Fanfiction-Downton Abbey

Confessions please: 
Fess-up if you watch the entire season before it premiers in the United States. And please, tell the rest of us how to do it! I can hardly wait!

If you were writing season 4, what plot twist would you write into the story?
Will Lady Edith find happiness? Will Branson find a suitable wife?

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  1. Oh, I definitely don't want to know spoilers. They really messed up my season 3... but it's so hard to skip any DA stuff online and the UK is humming with discussions during the fall season.

    That said... I think I was glad to be prepared for the 'Sybil' episode...

    I think I can get over Matthew's loss if I can see a couple hunky suitors show up who don't put up with her tricks!
    Personally, I will really miss what O'Brien brought to the show. She was so good at that role, showed a lot of depth and growth over the last three years. And who will keep an eye on Thomas?

    I'd like to see Edith move on from her married journalist. I heard that Laura Carmichael suggests Ryan Gosling as her new love interest. Pretty Funny!
    Hey Girl!

  2. Deb--I agree, I didn't actually read the stuff on the spoilers website. I don't peek at the end of books either--like someone else in my home! (ah-hem--hubs).

    I do the anticipation, but it appears this is the concluding season and I'm sad about that. Not that I want them to drag it out, but it just leaves a void of good T.V. to choose from.

    I was sad about Matthew's loss. But I hope to see him in another film or show! Right, O'Brien did a fabulous job of acting. "Hey Girl!"--LOL.

    1. I do **enjoy** the anticipation...


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