Thursday, April 25, 2013

What's Your Coffee?

It's Thursday ... it's coffee time! This morning I'm sucking it down. My baby boy is sick with a bad sinus infection.. Nothing sweeter than a little guy snuggling into your neck and gripping your shirt with his little hands while blowing green bubbles out his nose. *cough-er-year*.

I'm using a new creamer-- White Chocolate Caramel. It's good. I'm not a huge white chocolate fan but in a nutty flavored coffee, it does its job well.

Left on my list to do this week: 

  1. Finish Monday's laundry :P
  2. Work on revisions
  3. Photo shoot for a friend's two kiddos 
  4. Help DH lead a middle school climbing excursion
  5. Nurse my little Peter Pan back to good health
  6. Clean bathrooms
Somehow I have a feeling something will fall through the cracks (laundry). What's left on your plate before some R&R on Sunday?


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