Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Vote on My Pinterest Board--"Old Homesteads"

Help me decide about the backstory for the hero in my book by clicking on the link to my Pinterest page (link below, keep reading) and clicking the "like" button.

I finished my first draft of my Historical Romance in February. I shelved it for a little hiatus and a some professional stretching of my aching neck and shoulders after hours sitting at the computer this winter, birthing this story.

Jaime also finished her first draft. We celebrated with a great writer's weekend in March, highlighted on this blogpost: Liquid Sunshine at the Blue Spoon. Now we are diving into the first round of edits to fix the big things. This involves cutting dead parts and deepening characters, motivation and goals.
The great thing about being critique partners with Jaime is that we compliment each other. We are brutally honest. We laugh a lot--and vent, and cry, and pray for each other. Knuckle bump, girl--you are awesome.

After the read through of each other's manuscripts and a review of the overall pace and structure, we've been brainstorming about the need for the bigger edits.
Jaime is deepening her characters. 
I'm fixing some plot & structure. 

So, in my morning ritual this week, inspiration struck: I need to fix my hero's backstory. My hero left the Northern woods of Wisconsin years ago to "go west, young man."  Now, he's been-there-done-that, and has come up empty-handed, disillusioned, and widowed. He's spent the last ten years trying to numb the pain of his loss and finally it's time to come back home to the North woods of Wisconsin.

In my first draft, my hero needed a reason to come back home. I had him sort of coming back home for no real reason other than to "be there" when his late best friend's son comes of age and needs a father figure.

But Jaime was right: it's weak!

My new inspiration: he must come home to either invest in serious repairs to his abandoned family homestead and find a way to fill it with a family of his own, or sell it and admit his dream for a family of his own--is dead. He's taken a position as head security detail at the local ice harvest yards, hoping he won't see the violence he'd experienced as a sheriff out West--the kind of action that killed his best friend.

I envision this abandoned homestead in the rural woods, not falling down, but in need of some TLC. This homestead is where he grew up, but his parents have died and his brother let it fall into disrepair before unloading it on him.

This homestead will come to represent the condition of his soul--in need of repair.

VOTE HERE: I've posted some ideas on my Pinterest boards on "Old Homesteads"--Come by and vote on your favorite picture--the one you envision for my hero. Just click on the "like" button of your favorite homestead picture.

I love to use Pinterest to pin some of my research and find some inspiration. I'm excited this week to have hit 1,000 followers, and hope you join me there. The other pins I have for my manuscript are under the board titled "Current WIP".

Do you use Pinterest?
If yes, what do you use it for the most?
Do you like having a picture in mind, or leaving it to the imagination?

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  1. I'm sorry I took so long, i was distracted but I'm okay now. Hellllloooooooooooooooo Hugh. And yes, I liked my favourite.

  2. I wondered how long it would take you Jennifer!! :) Thanks Jaime! I had so much fun doing this post.

  3. I have never been on pintrest but have heard all sorts of things about it such as it is addicting. I will try to get on and vote for my favorite one.

  4. Thanks Deanna. Hope you have fun. :)


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