Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Motivation

How do you feel about Mondays? Coupled with a good cup of early morning coffee, I find them somewhat palateable, but many Mondays I'm with the polar bear to the left ... and don't look much better.

What motivates you? What inspires you to live--wholeheartedly, energetic and inspired?

I spoke to our local youth group about a month ago and the Scripture verse from James 5 leapt off the page:

"Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand." - James 5:8

Establish your heart -- I love the words the Lord chooses to emphasize His point. Establish. Webster's describes it as "to insitute permanently", to "make firm or stable". Your heart, first and foremost must be established in Jesus. Permanent, unshakeable, steadfast.

The coming of the Lord is at hand -- this doesn't indicate sitting in our lawn chair staring up at the sky waiting for the clouds to part and Jesus to descend on a white horse. While His return is inevitable, this verse encourages us to be ESTABLISHED and live like today is our last. Like Jesus is returning. That brings so many implications with it... what do I want to be found doing when Jesus returns? Cursing under my breath when my voicemail at work is full on my entry Monday morning? Yelling at the kids 'cause they missed the bus? Scowling at my daughter because she forgot to potty--in the potty and not her pants? Irrated at the husband because he left dirty dishes on the coffee table?

What is my motivation on a Monday? To start refreshed, rejuvinated. Today is my last. Jesus is coming. Am I established in Him? Can I greet the day, my co-workers, my kids, my spouse, my in-laws, with love and a desire to communicate Jesus?

May we start this week rooted and founded in our Lord. Motivated to serve. Living like it's our last. So instead of "Monday-sometimes you just can't handle them", it becomes, "Monday--sometimes you just have to live them--with anticipation".

Let your Monday be blessed!


  1. Oh I so love this. I wasn't looking forward to my long day today simply because I didn't get any sleep but I know God will grant me strength, possibly in forms of caffeine but I'll take what I can get! Great, great post!

    1. Caffeine is high on the list of blessings! :)

  2. So encouraging! I actually rather like Mondays, because I love my routine and getting back to it after the weekend.

    1. I agree. sometimes Monday morning is just what I need. but when I get to work and hit the floor running THAT is obnoxious and puts my crankiness to the test!

  3. Funny, I like Mondays too. I get so much done and organized.

    Great post, Jaime. Very encouraging.

  4. Organizing--yep--take ahold of the week ahead! :)


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