Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Getting Rid of Televsion -- Making More Time

My mantra has always been that television DOES NOT take up a lot of my time. I mean, I wrote my last manuscript on ad breaks between NCIS, NCIS LA, Hawaii 5-0, and The Voice. It was finished in four months. Stellar. I also have two kids under the age of three, so who said you can't have toddlers and watch TV too? Dummies. I feel lonely without the background noise. What would I do without HGTV to show me all the projects I'll do someday? Like that marble backdrop in my shower, or the chalkboard painted wall in the kid's room?

My husband said we need better time management. So last week we sat down and figured out our lives.

Mondays: Work (both of us), kids with Nanny, Monday evening-housework & laundry (egad!)
Tuesdays: Work for me, work from home for Nate, kids running around, Tuesday nights-housework & more laundry
Wednesdays, Work for me, Nate work from home prepping for Wed youth group, kids dividing Daddy's time, Wednesday nights - Daddy to youth group with Kokomo Jo in tow and Peter Pan with Mommy to pick up the house, clean, write, watch TV, etc.
Thursdays ... k, you get the point? You live this life, don't you?

Nate pulled out a Ace card. "We need more time."
Me: "Duh."
Nate: "Where are we going to find it--daycare?"
Me: "NO!"
Nate: "People do it"
Me: "I'm not people"
Nate: "TV?"
Me: "Whaddya mean?"
Nate: "Well if we nix TV we gain 12 hours."
Me: "Huh? How?"
Nate: "Think about it."

He listed all the shows we "watch". But we don't LITERALLY watch them. We do other things WHILE we watch them. So it's not REALLY 12 hours.

Let's do a test run.

We test ran life without TV last week. Here are the results:

-- In one week I have edited 1/3 of my manuscript and added about 10,000 words, deepened my main character and now I actually like me speed-written book
--I read an entire novel, IN ONE NIGHT
--Kids are smiling (shock)
--We had family BREAKFAST this morning (hashbrowns, eggs, sausage, toast cooked by Daddy -- be jealous, very jealous)
--We read books before bed time, every night
--Daddy and Kokomo Jo went fishing
--Peter Pan and Mommy played cars
--Laundry is put away in one night
--the bathrooms are clean (WOW!)
--Kids toys are organized
--had a cookout at Gramma and Grampas
--Sunday school prepared for church early!
--Nate and I talked. Really talked. About...life. Us. Family. Fishing. Climbing. FUN STUFF

Test run complete.
Point made.
Mantra revisted.
TV... gone.

Here's your challenge... can you go ONE WEEK without TV and what changes?


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  1. I did away with TV for a month and got so much done! It's crazy how much a little here and there sucks out a large chunk of your life without you realizing it!

    1. I know. I felt a little sheepish for being so insistent that it WASN'T sucking up my time.

  2. We did away with TV about 5 years ago. Not necessarily by choice, but because when they went digital our area lost all reception, so we'd have to pay for satelite. Not happening. My hubby missed the football games, but me? I don't miss it at all. Now we watch one movie on dvd a week - usually Saturday nights and the rest of the week the tv/dvd sits in the corner.
    Now, I need to weed out something else - probably facebook. :)

    1. no no! Facebook can't go! Besides it's not REALLY a time sucker ;)

  3. I barely watch any TV. Unless the kids tell me it's a really good Phineas and Ferb.
    I don't miss it at all.

  4. My biggest time waster is definitely the Internet. I need to figure out how to cut back on social media.

    1. I'm with Julie here. I don't watch much TV. It's the internet for me. Ancestry.com, Pinterest, research, genealogy, FB, Goodreads, email.....mindless glib.

  5. I'm okay without TV but I think it would be very difficult to get rid of it if you have children. My grands don't really watch much of anything (educational videos and some movies on DVD) but there are times when PBS or Disney Jr has saved the day. Usually about 4pm!

    And, I definitely make up for it by browsing facebook and twitter. It's like a little 'mind' break but an hour can fly by easily!

  6. I like this challenge. We don't watch much TV in our house, but I wonder what it would be like not watching it...at all...for a whole week! I'll have to think about that! =) What are you gonna do when Downton Abbey's back??


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