Thursday, March 14, 2013

What's On Your Coffee Table?

I'm just going to repost this picture of Anne and my coffee and biscotti from this last weekend because it makes me happy and it's Thursday. So WHAT'S YOUR COFFEE?

If I had a coffee table (toddler and baby makes that a walking hazard), I would honestly put NON Fiction books on it. Why? I don't know. Maybe non-fiction for me needs to be OUT so I remember to actually pull my head out of my imaginary world and read something applicable.

So occasionally, I'll make Thursday's What's Your Coffee about What's On Your Coffee Table and do a quick run down of my latest non-fiction reads.

Today I'll do a catch up on three I recently read:

#1 and all-time NEW favorite is by Albert Mohler, President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Don't get caught up on the S. Baptist thing if you're not S. Baptist -- this isn't hellfire and damnation. It's called "The Conviction to Lead". I'm a Director of HR so leadership is in my blood (notice I didn't say talent--I said blood). I've always been "the leader". Frankly, my daughter Kokomo-Jo is following my footsteps. Her three year old bestie told her mommy the other night they needed to pray for "my boss". I guess my daughter has made herself the boss at a young age. Anyway!! If you have the desire to develop leadership skills, are in a leadership position of ANY sort (work or church), or simply want to be a leader amongst your peers, this is a MUST READ. I cannot emphasize that enough! Dr. Mohler addresses the fundamental truth that you must have a conviction if you will lead otherwise you'll lead like a floppy fish. (My words, not his). He gives 25 principles for leadership and they aren't the run of the mill managerial principles. This will be a life-changer for you. Mine is marked and highlighted and I've ordered extra copies to give away!

"What Your Husband Isn't Telling You". THIS is a great book to leave on the coffee table and not tell your husband. Mine found it and showed me and said, "is there something YOU want to tell ME?" We had a good laugh. Ok. David Murrow, the author, takes you on a journey through your husband's brain. I'll be honest--for me, this was basic 101 husband material. However, if you're truly struggling to understand the man in bed with you and your communication skills are non-existent, this is a good intro book to comprehending why he thinks the way he thinks. I will add one disclaimer: if your husband isn't the a-typical male, this book will frustrate you. I went through it with my husband and 80% of it he did not relate to--however, he isn't the typical male. A good marriage starter book, a good book if your communication doesn't hold any mutual understanding, and a great book if you want to get an outline overview of men in general.

Are you an End Times aficionado? Yeah, most women aren't. We'd prefer not to focus on blood baths, the fall of Jerusalem, horrific scorpion-like creatures devouring our children, etc. BUT, fact of the matter is, we cannot ignore the fact that Revelation IS in the Bible. One day will be the LAST day. SO! "A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days" by Jonathan Bernis is definitely an interesting perspective. Now, keep in mind, I'm married to a man with a Masters in Theological studies so I could go in a thousand directions with literal, figurative, post-millennial, pre-trib, etc. I'm not going there. This is a book written by a Jewish Rabbi who believes Jesus IS the Messiah. It is HIS interpretation of the End Times, Israel's role in the End Times, and the role of the Jewish nation as the Chosen Nation. Personally, I disagreed with many of his interpretations, however, it was educational to see the End Times through the eyes of someone from the Jewish nation. A good read for garnering overall perspective.

So! That's what WAS on my coffee table. Next up ... not sure. What NON fiction reads have you delved into lately and do you recommend I pick up for a dose of harsh reality :)?


  1. I read Proof of Heaven--maybe I'll give a run down of it next week....

  2. Non-fiction? Hmmmm. That's either a James Scott Bell book or a book on Flagstaff


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