Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Blues ...

Does the weekend ever seem to fly by far too fast? I even squeezed in a rare nap, and still ... too fast. Friends came over and blessed us with their fellowship ... too fast. My daughter and I read books, sang songs, then snuggled when her cold conquered her joy ... too fast.

Why is it the things we cherish the most, slip by like a whisper, a vapor, a poof? I don't cherish my moments at my job. In ten years, I may have memories that make me smile, but I won't hold them close to my heart as I do the ones I made this weekend.

The Lord blesses through times of preciousness. Blowing little noses, soothing coughs with mommy-kisses, making pizza with friends, and relishing in the Body of Christ.

These are the blessings, the gifts, He has given to us as a glimpse of a week with no Mondays ... that is a promise of Heaven ...

What blessings did your weekend bring?


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    1. Time speng with a special Christian man :)

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