Thursday, March 21, 2013

Midnight Coffee

Midnight coffee with life long friends tonight was just the best in the world.

Grind up some Jamaican Me Crazy decaf, send the kids off to play and catch up over hot brew.
Just like the good old times. My friend Jayne is like a sister who really "gets me"--and that's an awesome ingredient to add to coffee!

We talked about parenting, college, empty nesting, jobs, church, health, friends, spirituality--you get it---there isn't anything we don't talk about. My inner cup filled up and my coffee mug emptied out.

At the end though we touched on my fiction writing. Reading fiction is something Jayne has always loved. She certainly influenced me over the last 25 years as we shared what we'd read and critiqued it together. Even before trying my hand at writing, we'd often voiced how it had shaped us and influenced us. And now as I wrestle with how serious to take the writing and as I continue to pursue publishing, I voiced to her that some Christians might place it in the "silly endeavor" category. But she reminded me that as a Christian, she strives to put her mind on whatever is good, upright, noble, pure, and good--and that while life is often too serious, we need good fiction that does just that!

That piece of encouragement was like a double shot! 

And so, as the clock struck midnight and I set the last of the emptied coffee mugs in the sink,  a sigh of contentment slipped from me as they went out the door. That same lip smacking feeling after the first sip of hot coffee in the morning, followed by a sigh of pure bliss---the after midnight sigh rivals an equally satisfying fulfillment when shared with good friends.

So, call a friend. Brew a pot. Make some good food--and settle in for some great fellowship to fill up your cup!

So, what exactly does Christian fiction do for you?
How has it shaped you?
Why do you read it?


  1. So true! I go to a Thurs night Bible study. We're going through the Way of Agape and it never gets done before 10.30! How does tired feel so refreshing? :-)

    Christian fiction, for me, is a safety net. I just finished James Scott Bell's book Don't Leave Me and I commented in my review on Goodreads that it was nice to read something where I wasn't going to be shocked suddenly by bad language or sex--or where both are on every page!

    I love to be entertained, but so much more to be encouraged and edified in my faith through what I read. If there's no spiritual impact, it's pretty much pointless.
    So I've recently archived a bunch of titles on my Nook and purchased some Jill Williamson books!

  2. "how does tired feel so refreshing?" ----I know!! Thanks for sharing Lisa. I agree about needing a spiritual thread.


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