Thursday, March 7, 2013

Liquid Sunshine at the Blue Spoon Cafe

The highlight of our writer's weekend was spending the day at the Blue Spoon Cafe with Jaime. It was pure LIQUID SUNSHINE for the soul. After biscotti and our caffeine injection, we sat for hours soaking up the liquid sunshine, laughter, and scheming over our completed first draft manuscripts. 

We scoured the ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) conference website all morning, prioritizing our plan to attack our goals. Excitement grew. Giggles seemed to be the best prescription for our budding nerves, doubts, and fears about taking our work to the next level. We talked about our spiritual focus and mission, and celebrated the like-mindedness God has blessed us with.

Isn't this old building that overlooks the river just amazing? The walls are painted a burnished golden yellow. The sun shone all day long. By the afternoon, we reviewed our critiques of each other's work. 

Once again, I was amazed with God's divine movement.

Jaime has a knack for putting her finger on the missing pieces of my plot, motivation, and goals, while I push her characterization deeper. With ease of gifted intuition, she points out what should have been an obvious--palm plant! Duh! Likewise, Jaime is sick and tired of me asking--but why??? Why did your hero do that, and why wouldn't he be absolutely tortured internally? And what drives your heroine's stubbornness? How does this connect to your spiritual thread? I need to feel it and see it. Our strengths and weaknesses as writers are complimentary. 

Other highlights:
My empty-nesting heart soaked up her beautiful 10-month old son and 3 year old toddler. While Jaime loved the unplugged freedom, I was soaking up reading to toddlers, slobbery kisses, and coffee parties over breakfast.

It was also great to just unplug from the uber-responsibility of life. To gut-giggle about over-zealous goals--like dreaming who will be in my acknowledgements (thank you Mrs. Andrews for reading Little House on the Prairie...giggle-giggle-snort), and running to the little girls room after the movie!

But, hands down best thing about the whole weekend?
Friendship. Connection. Knowing we "get" each other...
And not just connecting via writing, but about marriage, family, parenting, spirituality, work---about life. 

What do you do to unplug?
What do you do to connect?
When you read fiction, do you read to unplug, or connect? or both?


  1. So much fun. I'm thankful to have writing friends - some here in Oklahoma and some who live far away (like you guys :)). I don't know how I would keep motivated without them.

  2. You are a big part of our motivation too Julie! :)


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