Friday, March 8, 2013

Book Report: When the Heart Heals, by Ann Shorey

Ok, Ann Shorey, you did me in on the doctor. Elijah? I loved the name. I haven't read a hero by that name before and it fit him to a T.

Now, on to my book report ...

LOVED IT! But if you haven't figured by now, I'm a die hard Ann Shorey fan. And, she threw me for a little loop on this one and tossed in a bit of intrigue. GO ANN!

Characters: Rosemary probably couldn't be more head strong. But then a nurse after the Civil War has to be, 'cause her career path isn't too far behind prostitution on the popularity scale. Can you believe that? Being shunned for nurturing and healing? And, I love that she's a naturalist. All herbal. I bet she smells like lemon and lavender. Elijah, the doctor, has a brusque character which could have been unlikable but Ann gave him a tender edge that endeared me to him immediately. He needs Rosemary, but he doesn't want to. She doesn't need him. Never will. Just the money his employ gives her. But goodness if Elijah isn't handsome! :)

Story: One of the things I enjoy about Ann's book is they're heartwarming. They're not fast paced, but they aren't the dull, boring historical that weighs you down. You become a part of her character's community, enjoy the secondary characters, become entangled in their lives, hardships, struggles, and romances. I find this story no different and yet again, Ann endears me to another great couple in Elijah and Rosemary.

I loved it! It's a top read and a keeper for my bookshelf. You won't regret checking out Ann's latest book!


  1. So glad you liked When the Heart Heals, Jaime! I fell in love with Elijah when I wrote his character. :) What a guy. Thank you for the great review!

  2. Ooh, ooh, sounds like a good one. :)

  3. I've got to get this one. I read all the others. Time to go shopping!


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