Friday, March 22, 2013

Book Report: Though my Heart is Torn, by Joanne Bischof

Sigh. Appalachian romance at it's best. Book two in The Cadence of Grace series by Joanne Bischof does not fail to deliver. The continued story of the tumultuous love between Gideon and Lonnie is now tortured by Gideon's first wife ... the wife he's still married to.

Setting: You can't get any better. I've hiked the Appalachians. They're as beautiful, as backward, as reclusive, as haunting as Joanne Bischof captures. Her finesse in portraying her setting will have you aching to visit the hills and life of the Appalachians ... that is anything but quiet.

Characters: Gideon and Lonnie's struggle to survive love is poignant. I personally would not enjoy finding out my husband had a wife from his earlier days and was still married. Neither did Lonnie. Cassie is like a forgotten ghost, yet she is very much alive. And a simple death scene does NOT resolve this love triangle and leave Gideon free to follow his heart. Duty, Applachian honor, and family fueds require action that will wound Lonnie and Gideon deeply and threaten to kill their newfound love.

Spiritual thread: It's great how Joanne brings out the faith of Lonnie and the life change of Gideon from his old way of life. Yet, consequences still visit and redemption must still be sought.

This is a FANTASTIC second installment. You'll love it, I love it, and Joanne is GIVING AWAY A COPY! So tell us what you love about the Appalachians or what you would do if suddenly, you found yourself in a love triangle? You'll be entered to win.

(my apologies for a shorter review, I'm at home suffering from the stomach flu, but it is in NO WAY a reflection of how much I loved Joanne's book!)

Winner of last week's give away for Love in the Balance: Wendy Newcomb!!


  1. I don't think I've read the first one, so I've got to get on that so I can read this one!!

    I've never actually been to the Appalachians, but I've heard that it's amazingly beautiful. Would love to go there someday!

  2. Live in Ky.,love nature - including the beauty of Appalachia, & stories of it's residents. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of "Though My Heart is Torn".

  3. Have not read for a good 4 months now and finely got back into it. I'll have to find the first book to read and go from there.
    I have been to the Smoky Mountains and I loved it and yes its beautiful. (it's only a subrange of the Appalachians) Make the trip if you can well worth it.

  4. I hope you get to feeling better soon, Jaime.
    For what it's worth I loved your review. I actually prefer shorter ones. ;)

    I love riding my horse through the Appalachians.

  5. If I was in a love triangle I would ask for god to guide me and chose the right way to go
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  6. I live in the Applachian Mountains. There's no place like home.
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