Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday's Coffee: Jamaican-Me-Crazy!

Why do I like to read and write fiction (and drink coffee)?
Because sometimes a little crazy, and a little adventure is a good thing right?
Sometimes life is like writing a novel--there's a beginning, middle, and end. In the author world, one of the biggest challenges in the middle is to keep it from "sagging"--you don't want to lose the attention of your reader.  So, there are little things like conflict, adventure, goals, motivation, and romance to keep the reader's interest.

In real life, we have to work hard to keep our "middle from sagging"(I'm speaking of our life-story, but exercise is good prevention too!) Routine and predictability can be good, but not when we don't make room in our plot for the twists and turns God wants to write into our stories. So, whether you're at the beginning of a marriage and a parenting journey--or if you've hit midlife and you're empty nesting--or in the golden years--make a little room for crazy adventure.
A River Runs Through It

Perhaps it's just the right prescription to hang onto your goals, your motivations--and your romance.
Sweet Home Alabama: "Why would you want to marry me for anyhow?--So I can kiss you any time I want!"

Good fiction, like a great cup of Jamaican-Me-Crazy, should inject a little crazy--a little spice, a little something out of the ordinary. It should make you think, see something in a new light, make you laugh--and feel a little warm inside.

So, brew your crazy, 'cuz coffee's up!  

What is the craziest adventure you've been on? 
Please share!
What's on your bucket list?
Do you ever think God injects some crazy to keep your attention?


  1. Perfect inspiration for me today, Anne!

    1. Jaime--10,,000words, 10,000 blog hits. Same day! :) yeah!

  2. My husband has enough crazy adventures for both of us - hunting for bears and wolves, fishing in Mexico, running marathons... I think God made us for each other so that he could keep me on my toes and I could keep him grounded :)

  3. Julie, sounds like our husbands are cut from similar cloth. Ted has also gone bear, elk, deer hunting, deep sea fishing, now it's scuba next. I'll be on the boat--not quite grounded mind you--but I'll be there! :)

  4. The craziest adventure? Doing activities such as walking on a rope 30 feet above (I think) and some others, then the big one zip-lining all in ONE day! It was at this camp, in the forest. We went there for one day. INSANE, I tell you. But thinking about it now, it was quite fun. :-) But I'm still afraid of heights!!

    1. Realized that I repeated 'one day' twice and wondered why. Well, thank GOD that it just for one day. *Grin* ;-)

  5. Something good to "have done" --in the past?! :)

  6. My craziest, or more likely dumbest, adventure would probably be sleeping outside in a large rest area less than 100 miles from Chicago.
    I don't really do the bucket list thing but someday I'd like to bicycle around Ireland, climb Mount Snowdonia in Wales, and the craziest is climb Mount Kilimanjaro (or at least attempt it).
    Jasmine A.

  7. Glad you lived another day Jasmine!
    oooohhh bicycle around Ireland, love that one!


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