Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"The End"

After a year of writing, I've finally finished my WIP.
What Sweet Satisfaction to finally type the words: 

But finishing up the writing of a novel gives much more of an afterglow than finishing up the reading of one. Just like a reader may not want to start reading a new novel with her favorite characters still dancing in her head, so the writer has a challenge to move on to the next story.

Well, I'm still basking--totally not thinking of my next WIP yet.
Because, my final scene looks something like this:

My heroine

A Haven in the Snowstorm

And her Hero who brings her home...
(try to imagine him in the snow too--because I totally see it in my head! LOL.)

What books or movies left you with that afterglow of a satisfying ending?

My votes: Pride & Prejudice, North & South, Bride in the Bargain, and this week's give away--My Stubborn Heart.

How important is the pace of the ending to your level of satisfaction as a reader?

Have you read a book that the end dragged on and on, or one that you felt the author was sick of their own story and rushed to the end? How did that affect your satisfaction?


  1. For instance, I just finished the final episode of Downton Abbey--no spoiler---but I was NOT satisfied. :(

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    1. 10K views? Wow!!! COOOOOLLLL!! YES LURKERS! Talk to us! :)

  3. I think I have read more rushed endings than dragged out endings. I like a fast pace to the end, but then I always like that last scene, a slower pace but my heart is pounding, center stage lights just on the MCs...heartfelt words, caresses, kisses...fade to black.

    Yep, that's what I like. :) Congrats on THE END! This stinking WIP is never going to have an end in sight. Not if I keep revising. lol

    1. Yes, a looooong kiss. I mean, haven't we waited the entire book for it? Nothing worse than a "he leaned in and their lips met." The end. Blah.

  4. Congrats on THE END.

    Such sweet words to a writer.

    I have basked in afterglow of my own stories until revising...and revising...lol!

    Yay on your page views!

    1. I know! ANNE WROTE "THE END"! I'm so proud!

  5. Congratulations, Anne!!! That is a totally awesome feeling, for sure. :) And I love those little glimpses you shared with us - sounds like my kind of story!

    As for movies that left me basking in the afterglow - yes, yes, yes on North & South! The first time I watched that one, I was so moved by the beauty of the ending: the romance, the music, the scenery, and everything! I went to bed (quite late, I believe) with a very happy smile on my face as the music floated through my head. :)


    1. North and South IS an amazing film, isn't it?

  6. You could have "danced all night"??? :) I love those good oldies too like My Fair Lady and Sound of Music. Thanks for commenting Amber, Loree & Jessica! :)

  7. I love your hero/heroine pics, Anne!


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