Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Serious Business & Child's Laughter

My daily work as a Family Nurse Practitioner is often serious. I work hard, apply myself diligently, and  serve those I care for. But my work is often in need of a serious balancing-out of body, mind, intellect, soul, and spirit. I know other professionals deal with tough things too--teacher's for instance.

As teachers, pastors, nurses, or any number of other positions--we see the cracking of people's lives--and it's hard to watch sometimes. Cancer, broken families, addictions, anger, physical and emotional pain, abuse, unforgiveness---the list goes on like a tide in a river toward an ocean that makes my tiny efforts feel oh so insignificant.

That is one reason I love stories, read fiction, write, and drink coffee with you all. 
Serious business requires much balance. 

Today, being Monday and the full moon rising (interpretation: people get crazy and rude), I was feeling a particular belch-ness to my day. My wagon was draggin', my spunk had some serious funk, and my glint needed a splint. (and some good poetry too apparently)

Late afternoon, I entered a room thinking to myself--only three left to see before my Monday is done. But behind door number one I witnessed the most amazing testimony to God's transforming power in someone's life. I've never been so blown away by such stark transformation of someone's life--this person was nearly leaping like the crippled man Jesus healed who "went walking, and leaping, and praising God." 

I came out of the room with my jaw slacked. God had just shown up at work in a mighty way. I knew I'd just been in the presence of the Great Healer. Had I really expected so little of My God that I should be so surprised? Then a great humbleness crept over me, and my moodiness and my humdrum doldrums began to lift as I faced the next room.

As I went through door number two, I couldn't even get the words started--"and how is everyone today---?" before I was literally drowned out by three children with fake mustaches pasted on their upper lips. Their eyes bubbled with adventure and mischief as the oldest brother said in his best foreign magician voice--"how may I help you madam?" and they all three burst into giggles. 

Those were the best giggles I've heard in a long time. Serious medicine to my soul. Better than coffee or fiction. 
Serious business requires lot's of giggling.

As I left door number two, I could hardly keep the moisture from clouding my eyes. Such sweetness. But I still had work to do. I entered door three to greet a beautiful, healthy, well-loved, well-adjusted nine month old baby boy with big black eyes. I couldn't keep from smiling, because things were going right in his world.

Serious work--requires much amazement, wonder, and awe.

My husband showed up unexpectedly after I was done behind door three. He took me to supper. We sat and talked about God's agenda, ate good food, and tipped generously before we hopped in our respective vehicles. I pulled around the building, fumbled for my iPod to listen to Matt Redman's 10,000 Reasons album--and I was greeted by a breathtaking view of a huge yellow full moon on the rise. It made me think of everything but how crazy it makes people--but how amazing Our God is. 

On the way home through the country, I watched that beautiful moon in my rearview, as my fore view held the twinkling stars of twilight--and Magnificent piped into my earbuds.


Serious work--requires a magnificent Creator.

Is your life balanced?
How has God showed up lately to readjust your perception?
Were you listening for His interruption in your 'serious work'?


  1. Very nice, Anne. Wow. :-) Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is the first time I have read your blog. Such inspiring words! Thank you :D Linda Ortiz

  3. Hi Linda! Did you see that you won the drawing for My Stubborn Heart? Please send me your email so we can get you a copy! :)


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