Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Deep in the Heart of Crazy

The writing process can take an already nutso wack job and turn them into something worthy of a straight jacket. That's about where I am now. Deep in the heart of Crazy.

My week so far (and it's only Tuesday morning, so this isn't saying much):

  • it took me four times of leaking tea all over my shirt at work to realize my coffee mug with thermos cap had a leak... meanwhile, I'm soaking wet
  • it took me ten times of digging around for my cell phone to check the time to realize there is a clock on my desktop, on my desk phone, and on my Start taskbar...meanwhile, my cell battery is running low due to how many times I've lit it up to check the time
  • it took me an hour of dancing in my chair to realize there IS a bathroom down the hall and I'm NOT a three year old in pull-ups...meanwhile, 'nuf said
  • it took me all day craving a piece of gum to realize I have an entire pack in my desk drawer about 12" from my right hand ... meanwhile, it's still a full pack of gum
 I'm trying to finish my manuscript before Anne comes to see me on March 1st. We want to exchange works by mid-Feb so we can read each other's literary masterpieces and be fully versed to ready ourselves for the massive publicity ride on their releases'. *wink, wink* That being said, I'm at work -- working?! -- while plotting in my head. Where is the dead body that I decided would go missing but even I don't know where it is, let alone my villain? When does the doctor just kiss the girl and get it over with - really? Wasting time here. And so the world moves on and I in my absentminded state, seem ready for the loony bin.

It's not just writers who have moments of crazy is it? Nah. Didn't think so. And now that I shared not one but SEVERAL moments of crazies ... it's your turn?! Any funny  moments so far this week?


  1. Just figured out my ipod earbuds have an R and an L....no wonder they didn't feel right sometimes...

    Forgot it was my turn to go at the four-way stop on the way to work because I was so into Mumford & Sons, trying to think of the dialogue in my next scene where the hero saves the heroine. Sigh....

  2. You're too much!

    This is your year. I'm awaiting the announcement of representation and can't wait for all of us to read your book!!!

  3. Oh ANNE!! R and L? Seriously? I love you, and you probably just saved a whole whack of people from having to admit that outloud, because now they know!
    I was on the phone last night to my buddy in the USA and peppering him with how to set up a "high noon" type confrontation. Then I realized one of my sons was fully able to hear me say things like "well, if Tom is tracking Sarah and Walter, should he be told 'don't kill him unless he fires on Sarah? Because I don't want a 19 year old to have to kill somebody'"
    How old is my oldest son?
    Then we discussed the time it takes for a western diamondback to kill a victim.

    And I wondered why the house got reeeeeeeally quiet.

  4. Jaime, I feel your pain about the rebellious attitude and the potty. I've been pregnant 5 times. Uh huh. Can't. Wait.

  5. Hehe, your post cracked me up. I can't think of crazy stuff off the top of my head...but that's probably because it's still morning and I'm fuzzy. Wow, I have nothing useful to contribute to this conversation. It's days like this I really wish I liked coffee...


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