Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Friend, A Book, and a Weekend

Well folks!!! This weekend Anne is coming to my place for a long awaited weekend!! We've both finished our manuscripts (well, I've got three more chapters to write, but it'll get done) and we've read each other's books. We'll be chatting over coffee, eating at our favorite restaurants and commiserating on plots, revisions, and the like.

That being said ... TOMORROW check back for some GREAT opportunities to enter and win some great prizes by Ann Shorey, one of my favorite authors!! You won't regret getting to know her latest book and checking out some neato stuff she has planned to feature on our blog.

Then, Friday and Monday you'll not see a post from us as we'll be taking a brief break while we are on our retreat. We'll be back with a bang on Tuesday and anxious to hear from all of you regulars and lurkers :).

Take care ya'll!


  1. Have a blast! Take a lot of pictures!

  2. The weekend sounds like fun! Mind if I join you? :-)

    1. Absolutely! The more the merrier, although I can't guarantee we won't have consumed all the coffee by the time you get here ;)

  3. Thanks everyone! We will have a great time!


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