Thursday, January 10, 2013

What's your Coffee?--Can you say Keurig?

Keurig is what's for coffee this Thursday. And I have Starbucks Breakfast Blend ready and loaded in my Keurig coffee maker for the morning.

My honey knows I love coffee and picked the best Christmas gift ever. It's not a cappuccino machine, but close. He knew it would feel like love to me! If you haven't tried a Keurig, you are missing out.
So, even for you tea lovers and hot chocolate drinkers--the Keurig can brew you a hot mug of water to steep your leaves or stir your cocoa. So, you don't have to be a coffee lover to enjoy it.

I grew up without pop in our home on a daily basis. (Some of you call it soda). And my hubby grew up with a pop fridge in the garage right next the beer fridge. You could say I married a bad-guy-transformed, and I don't just mean that he soda pop. But I digress. It's late (Wednesday night--I'm writing this), and that's another story. :)

So several months into our marriage, he realized I wasn't bringing pop home with the groceries on a regular basis. Thus began our life-long discussion about the lack of health benefits of regular soda pop. I tried weaning him to diet. Then I tried only getting it in small quantities. Then I switched him to iced tea. Then we went back to pop--but graduated to Diet-Caffeine-Free-Pepsi.

Finally one day when he was on a particularly--losing side of the argument--he said: 

"But honey, when you buy me Pepsi, it feels like love...." <sad-and-oh-so-convincing-blue-eyes>

He won. He was right. I couldn't change him, his past, or his commitment to pop.

Since that moment, we've settled into a sort of compromise where I often get him a case of diet-caffeine-free-Pepsi, but not often enough to be considered a regular purchase. He buys it whenever he wants.

I'm happy, and he feels loved.

Isn't that the truth though--that what feels like love is often not what the giver would choose for themselves? 

I mean, I got him scuba lessons for Christmas--and you won't catch me with a bubbler and a face-mask-thingy on, covering my nose, under water. No. Not. Going. To. Happen. Did I mention the part where something covers your face--tightly--while under water? (I think I'm sisters with Jody Foster from Nim's Island--okay, maybe only distant cousins level of OCD).

But he was thrilled. It felt like love. And I love my coffee Keurig too.
But the part that is better than Scuba, or Keurig's is the fact that he loves me enough to listen to what makes me feel special.

Take time to listen to what might feel like love to others.
Watch for the opportunity to give a gift worth giving.
Sometimes it's the smallest things that feel like the biggest extra mile, and the most special.

What gift have you given that you highly-disliked, or less-than-cared-for, but knew it felt like love to the receiver?

What gifts have made you feel loved? (big or small)


  1. Dan gave me an electric sander this year for Christmas. I was so excited because I know that he'd rather just leave things as they are...but he knows that I love a project and to make things my own! I can't wait to start something!

    Btw, I agree with you on the scuba diving thing. I have a hard enough time snorkeling.

    1. And I'll be you like to move furniture around a lot too! :)
      I'd be satisfied to "leave things as they are". :)
      Have fun!

  2. I gave my husband a Keurig for Christmas too! He looooves coffee. I don't. I don't really even drink tea or hot chocolate either, so it's a gift that was all for him. He loves it. :)

  3. Okay, there's a recurring theme here. I gave my coffee addicted husband a Keurig too...and he hated it! As he informed me, he doesn't drink coffee by the cup, but by the pot! Good grief! :) Glad you're loving yours Anne!

    1. OH MY GOSH! THAT'S IT!! YOU'RE sending me the unwanted Keurig as the surprise prize pack from your blog! ;) lol

  4. Lacie, I have left BOTH my Mr. Coffee pot and my Keurig on the counter and I use both as desired!

  5. I just HATE coffee. But guess who ran a coffee bar in Vancouver and had unbelievable espresso pulling skills and actual regulars who came and did the "Jennifer, you won't believe what happened to me....what should I do?" I loved it.
    BUT? My husband drinks 3 days old cold cowboy coffee. It's gross.


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