Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Liebster Blog Award

The award is the Liebster Blog Award. In German, Liebster is “Favorite”. Thank you to Regina Thomas for the nomination. I will answer this week and Jaime will follow some time next week. 
With this nomination come a few rules for participation, which are:
1. Tell 11 things about yourself.
2. Answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
3. Post 11 questions for those who will be nominated by you.
4. Nominate other bloggers (up to 11) who have less than 200 followers.
5. Get in contact with those 11 bloggers to inform them that you nominated them.
My name is Anne Love. I live in northern Indiana. At the end of a dead end dirt road. I live next to my parents. The house I grew up in was an 1888 one room school house. I've traveled 36 states. Traveled 11 countries. I love to tend my flower gardens and keep my feet in the grass. Mother of two teens, one a college student. I was a Little-House-on-the-Prairie-girl nerd, and it's all my second grade teacher's fault (love you Mrs. Andrews!). Named after my grandmother and Anne of Green Gables (sigh). I know these aren't complete grammatical sentences, but it's 11:30p.m. when I wrote this! 
11 Questions from Regina:
1. How long have you been writing? My whole life is too cliche--so, 1999-present.

2. What excuses get in the way of your writing time? My brain gets too full after 11 a.m.

3. What one habit could you change that would give you more time to write? Get up 15 min earlier every morning.

4. Does your family take an interest in your writing/are they privy to your WIP? My family all supports my writing, but they aren't privy to my WIP. My daughter is in the Professional Writing program at Taylor University, but she hasn't taken a great interest in historical fiction yet. 

5. If a fellow writer were looking for random advice, what would you say to him/her? Learn to take criticism well, pray a lot, know your call, network.

6. What is your favorite dessert? Schwan's Vanilla ice cream with Hershy's chocolate syrup, but a close second is a s'more over the kitchen stove burner.

7. Where is the strangest place an idea came to you, and how did you make note of it to keep from losing the idea? a.) Jaime and I once giggled all through Chip MacGregor's session--about a plot with a dead body found in an Amish buggy. We were admittedly feeling schnarky about things that sell because their Amish, and plots that can't sell because they have too many dead bodies.   b.) I jotted my first idea on a scrap paper and put it under a stack of paper in the kitchen--it involved a scene with an unnamed hero. Two weeks later I panicked hoping Ted hadn't run across it before I could explain it was a fictional character. Once I confessed, he hasn't stopped telling everyone that I'm writing a book.
8. What time of day do you like best for writing? MORNING! :)
9. If you could take a vacation anywhere, where would you go? 1. Mountains 2. Ireland 3. Italy.

10. If you could paint any room in your house any color you wanted, what room and what color? YELLOWYELLOW!

11. What is one of your kids’ toys that you absolutely love/loved or what was your favorite childhood toy? American Girl doll books. 
11 Questions for Lindsay and Loree:

1. What genre do you write?
2. Favorite author?
3. How many novels have you written?
4. Contemporary or Historical?
5. Plotter or Pantser?
6. Do you love a deep plot, or deep characterization?
7. Have you ever paid for an edit? or critique?
8. Are you agented?
9. Have you signed a book deal? 
10. Who have you met through writing who's influenced you the most? 
11. How would you describe your calling to write?


  1. Thanks Anne! Loved reading about you! Fun to get to know you better!


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