Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Escaping Reality in A Downton Sort of Way

I did it. I forged through Season 2 and can now embark on the 2013 Season 3 journey with the rest of you. Only two episodes to catch up with.

Fine. I won't bore you with oozing love for Downton Abbey. But I wanted to continue last week's discussion for just a bit.

Do you hear yourself talking differently in your head after watching period films and shows? Reading a Regency novel -- does it sway your day to day thinking or are you entertained and then easily leave it behind?

I find myself immersed in it. I signed off an email at work titling myself "Lady Amaretto of Highlander Grogg". I think my fellow associate was a bit wierded out by that, but really, do you expect anything less? And the funny thing is, when I started writing on my book my characters suddenly shifted their English to being more cultured, wordy, refined.
"I do find, my dear, that regardless of the wretched state in which you find yourself, there is simply nothing that might be accomplished to satisfy the greedy nature of your benefactor."
Ouch. I don't write Regency and my characters aren't in England. Ah, well. It was fun while it lasted.

So here's my biggee question: When does a television show, movie, or book become all too consuming? I mean, are we going to start having Downton Abbey Conference with everyone in period costume like Star Wars aficionados don on Darth Vader and breathe louder than any normal human being should? Have you had a book keep you from sleeping not because you reading it but because you can't get it out of your mind? I know one person who's only wardrobe consists of Lord of the Rings t-shirts. Ok. Obsessed, maybe?

Is entertainment sometimes too consuming, too unhealthy, or can we enjoy becoming a bit preoccupied with another time, another place ... escape reality ... 'cause really, I just got my new paycheck with the new tax rate and escaping reality sometimes doesn't seem all that bad.

What do YOU think?


  1. Oh, most definitely, Lady Amaretto!
    In my WIP, two brothers have been raised by a very refined set of English parents. Only one brother is an Indian and yet he is ENGLISH! I wrote these two with posh (which is a word derived from how the rich people would sail out of Southampton on an ocean liner to get the best views and all the sunshine...Port-Out-Starboard-Home) accents and employed mannerisms that I know to be very English.
    As for the need to escape, didn't Jesus hop in a boat a float away from the day to day life of being the Messiah? And God made the Sabbath totally so we could go to Costco...or not.

    And if you want to know me WELL and know what movie I give way too much energy to...go to my blog and go back one post...see the "germ", the one with the death-stare? Yeah, EVERY time I watch Last of the Mohicans, I hold out hope that Magua that suddenly switch gears and hold that hillside ceremony, marry off Uncas and Alice and go play bocce with Chincgatchgook. And do pardon me,I may have spelled that last name incorrectly. By my Mohican is a tad rusty.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go watch a DVD...

  2. I don't know what it is about Downton that's so addicting!! But it is!! I definitely have stayed awake after reading a book because I'm still there in my mind...Hunger Games was huge like that (and I probably couldn't sleep because of all the adrenaline pumping through my veins...and because I was a bit disturbed!). I definitely think we can reach a point of obsession, but we have to examine carefully whether that piece of entertainment is cutting into real life. If it is, probably time to nix it.

  3. I think it's an escape for a short time. We all need that. That's why we go to the movies, or get lost in a great novel, or find ourselves in the servant's quarters of Downton Abbey on Sunday nights.

    Lady it!

  4. Love it, Jaime! Yes - I am swayed in my thoughts and word choices after reading a great book or watching an incredible movie! Four years ago I stayed in France for ten days and when I went to read my historical novel, set in the southern part of the United States, I didn't hear a southern accent, everyone in my book sounded French!! :)

    I haven't caught on to the Downton Abbey Craze (yet), because I just learned about it last year and I need to catch up - like you did. The only problem is, when I'm writing, I don't get time to watch television! I'll have to catch up when I'm between books. Although, my current WIP is set in Victorian America, so I might benefit from watching Downton Abbey - because my character do talk like that. :)


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