Friday, January 18, 2013

Book Report: Waiting for Spring, by Amanda Cabot

I first read Amanda Cabot when she released her debut book several years ago, Paper Roses. I did the avid reader thing and bought the book online purely based on the cover design alone! LOL I didn't even read the back. It was a great purchase and I haven't looked back since. In fact, my shelves sport a copy of every single Amanda Cabot book -- except this year's Christmas release, Christmas Roses, which I read and then gifted on to Anne :).

So, what's my review of Waiting for Spring, Amanda's latest and greatest? Love it. Like all the others, her books are rich with history, solid with romance, easy to read but not simplistic, and simply gorgeous covers.

Characters: I met Charlotte in book #1 of the Westward Winds series. I wasn't sure if I'd like her in her own book because she wasn't a super strong heroine type. But we all learn from tragedies. And, without putting in spoilers if you haven't read book #1, let's just say, what happened there, formed Charlotte for book #2. In fact, Amanda writes a seamless progression of character even with the gap between books. It's believable, intriguing, true to character, and enticing. I really enjoyed Charlotte's character even though her personality is so far removed from mine, I was still able to relate. And then there's the hero--Barrett--I enjoyed the fact that Amanda took his character down roads that weren't predictable  he is a motivated individual, but it doesn't go in the direction the reader expects. 'Nuff said.

Romance: Yeppers. Here's where Amanda is great--especially if you want to have a clean, light on the physical romance, and still have romantic tension in your read. Charlotte and Barrett have immediate sparks, have evident attraction, but a would-be politician is no way going to wed a seamstress. Rank, position, and social status is only one element that keeps the apart. The other elements? Really ... you do need to just read the book.

Location: Amanda herself spoke about location yesterday right here on the CCC blog. So head back to yesterday's post and enjoy! Wyoming is one of my favorite states -- well, parts of WY, not the dry, brown, boring flatland part (sorry WY-ers). Anyway, Amanda did her research and did it well.

History: This is a historical and Amanda is a historical writer. I'm finding there's two types of historicals. The writer who puts a story in a historical setting with research and lifestyle elements, and then the writer who immerses their reader in the actual place, historical landmarks, lifestyle, circumstances, etc. Amanda is the latter. She drowns you in history--the kind of drowning you'll love--even if you hated history in high school :)

SO! I loved it. What can I say? I don't think Amanda can write a bad book if she tried! :)


  1. I haven't read this author yet, but would like to! And beautiful cover! (I've totally bought books based on cover alone as well!)

  2. I love the dress on that model! Wow! I have read Amanda Cabot before and love her! Haven't read this one though.


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