Friday, January 25, 2013

Book Report: Choices of the Heart, by Laurie Alice Eakes

The first book I ever read of Laurie's was Lady in the Mist. It was book one of the Midwives series and now we're onto book #3. Each book in this series has NOT disappointed!

A runaway heroine, a family fued, two men, one woman ... the pre Civil-War Virginia mountains come alive with history as Esther defies her medical training in hopes of escape as a teacher.

Characters: From page one, Esther is determined, a little head strong, but extremely likeable. The reader instantly wants to know why is she running and why she's willing to leave doting, loving parents. She's a trained midwife but her past makes her trying to escape that calling as well. Esther was a very believable heroine and the reader will maybe even relate to her Spiritual struggle and if you have nursing or doctoring in your genes, you'll probably understand why it's so difficult for Esther to escape her calling.

Zach and Griff: This was so definitively a triangle, that I won't even identify the hero. As it is, Laurie keeps the readers wondering pretty well. Esther's interactions with each man makes romance a possibility. Scandal doesn't help and the tension between the families is so high it practically jumps from the page! You'll love the men in this book though. Laurie writes a strong male character--nothing wussy there.

Setting: I loved the setting. Mountains always is a hit with me, but in true Laurie-form, she doesn't take us where we've already been. The Virginia mountain range is a refreshing new location for a historical. The family fueds remind me a bit of Catherine Marshall's classic, Christy. Laurie practically has the reader smelling the leaves and the hills, feeling the roughness of the lifestyle, smelling the campfire, and ... yeah ... you'll love it.

AND TO TOP IT OFF ... Laurie does a fantastic job of including history into her books. And, I always like to make a clarification when it comes to historicals. For those who AREN'T historical readers, you'll still enjoy this book. The history doesn't bog you down--it's alive, it's the backdrop to a fantastic story, and yet, for those of you who love history will appreciate the midwivery, the little everyday details, etc.

Laurie, thank you -- for blessing us with ANOTHER fantastic novel. Check out your copy here!

Have you read one of Laurie's books? Check out our interview with Laurie here and please comment! We'd love to hear if you've read Laurie's books or if she's a new author to you? I'd like see what the CCC bloggers have to say! :)

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