Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What's in a Kiss?

What's in a kiss? With the onset of the Christmas mistletoe, I am curious as to people's opinion on what makes the best kiss!

Is it purity or passion?
Is it tenderness or agressiveness?
Is it light or hard?
Is it Spiritual or physical?
Is it a prelude or an epilogue?

My own personal preference is reading a kiss filled with the cherished purity of a man who treasures this beautiful gift of God. Of course, that would include tenderness and probably a searching lightness, for fear he may break something too precious too soon. Definitely Spiritual, for three cords are not easily broken ... so I love a kiss where the hero and heroine have waited and sought God in their emotion, and it's probably an epilogue ... until they get married ... which in a book ... requires a closed door anyway.

That's me.

Best Kissing-scene authors? I enjoy Deeanne Gist. She's my favorite. It's like adding a bit of nutmeg and cinnamon to your coffee -- spice without tainting the purity of the blend. Yummy! :)

Your favorite kissing-scene author? What's in your perfect kiss?

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  1. Julie Lessman does amazing kisses, though occasionally she goes a bit further than I prefer...definitely passionate (though Christian) romance. The others that make me love them? Lisa T. Bergren's in the River of Time series. :)


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