Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Top 5 Christmas Memories of Childhood

1. When I was about four, believing my great uncle Bud when he had me listen for the sound of the
    reindeer feet on the roof.

2. My grandmother Emma's gifts were always wrapped in the "Sunday Funnies" newspaper instead of
    wrapping paper.

3. That blinding old fashioned flash bulb on grandpa Dick's camera when he took pics while we
    unwrapped gifts.

4. Laying on the floor between the stereo speakers, staring out the window at snow while listening to
    Johnny Mathis's Merry Christmas album on long play.

5. Getting a beanbag and my first pair of bell bottom jeans.

Now guess what year I was born! (okay, don't). Think way back in time!

It's not that I really believed there were reindeer and a Santa. It's that life was simple and innocent enough that I could have believed it if I'd wanted to.

What are your favorite childhood memories of Christmas? 


  1. Favorite memories? Mine would include the comic page wrapping paper! YES! Loved it - still do. Getting an ant farm for Christmas tops the list of all time favorite gifts. Traditions? Gingerbread with Bing Crosby crooning in the background. Putting together puzzles with family. A new ornament every year to mark the year of our life - continuing that tradition with my kids since my tree is full of the ornaments I took with me when I married.

  2. Puzzles--YES!! How could I forget??!
    We have this disgusting cookie ornament from our first Christmas that is now 24 yrs old! No one will let me throw it away!


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