Monday, December 31, 2012

In Wonder -- In Joy

“Look among the nations, and see;
    wonder and be astounded.
For I am doing a work in your days
    that you would not believe if told."
Habbukuk 1:5

We enter the new year with trepidation, anxiety, hope, anticipation. I was reminded of this when I watched my daughter poke and prod her birthday cake this last week. She was tentative at first, then more confident, and finally her fingertip dipped all the way into that succulent French cream frosting and a victorious laugh escaped her. 

Habbukuk's first words of prophecy were not particularly filled with joyful overtones. If you keep reading, the "work" he referred to was the invasion of an evil nation as payment for the sins of Israel. But I keep getting stuck at "wonder and be astounded...I am doing a work in your days you would not believe if told". Isn't that how God works? Mysteriously, unexplained, no obligation to foretell the end result. The Israelites certainly entered their year with fear and trembling if they listened to the prophet Habbukuk ... how will we enter our year?

In awe. In wonder. In amazement. God has done, is continuing to do, and will do astounding things. 2013 will come with wonders unannounced. Grief, perhaps. Joy, hopefully. Change, inevitably. But none of it, not one millisecond of it has fallen out of the grip of God. 

We can look in wonder at 2013, we can touch it with hesitation, or we can dive into it expecting God to work His glory and just and merciful rule. His grace is sufficient ... so be not afraid. He has lit your candle, so allow it to burn bright ... there's a celebration to be had. The glory of the majesty of Jesus.

My daughter said to me later, "I'm growing up now." I replied, "yes, you are. That makes mommy sad." She patted my hand in her no-nonsense, unemotional way and stated, "don't worry, Mommy, I'll always be your baby."

Be God's baby today. Allow him to carry you into the New Year and foster the anticipation of a little child ... 

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  1. "But none of it, not one millisecond of it has fallen out of the grip of God." This is such a comforting statement and my favorite of yours today!

    I plan to dive in, but I'm sure God will put a few things in my path that will cause me to hesitate. Always does. :)

  2. Maybe if we hold hands and dive in together it'll be easier!

  3. Expectant. I enter this year expectant (NOT pregnant) but believing that God is moving. Like C.S. Lewis says--"Aslan is on the move." I expect and pray to be daily swept up into God's story.

    Congrats to Rosemary!! :)

  4. I'm always a child when it comes to God...

    Happy New Year!


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