Friday, December 14, 2012

Book Report: Texas Wildflowers, by Anita Higman

And she did it again! Anita Higman wrote a winner and it's BOOK #2 in the Jaime Christmas Bundle (Book #1 is Accidentally Amish, by Oliva Newport).

This time, Anita wrote us a 4-in-1 collection of Texas novellas. The four sisters are delightful, spunky, romantic, love-torn, and adventurous. It's hard to write a book report because really, there's four different heroes and four different leading ladies.

So let me do my best:

Setting: Texas. Minus the big hair and rhinestones, this novel screams Texas. Galviston Island, mountain towns, a canyon, and a bayou. Anita picked just about every biological environment in Texas and wove a story around it. If you thought Texas was all sand and scorpions, think again.

Plots: It's romance. What more of a plot do you need--really! A jilted bride (at the altar no less) to an Internet romance, Anita Higman shows her creativity as a writer when tackling the most common of book subjects: Love! Written in 1st person, you get a glimpse of the romantic adventure from the point of view of the heroine. But it's not a narrative, don't worry, it reads fast and easy.

Quotes: Here's some quotes from the book just to whett your appetite... "The kiss was a magnum opus and we were just getting started. My wind chimes rang with approval". "I stuffed my mouth full of cheese puffs again". (BEST LINE EVER!) "I'm sorry ... I just don't love you enough".

Heroes/Heroines: They're spunky but unassuming. Assertive and timid. The four sisters are NOT carbon copies and don't think the author ran out of characteristic ideas. It's as diverse as the State of Texas. And so are the heroes.

Sigh. This is a book to curl up with when you have just an hour to relax and need a fun read. Of course, you won't finish the novella in an hour, and you'll stretch your hour to two 'cause you won't want to put it down.

A great read. Fun CLEAN romances. Edifying of faith and filled with God's promises.

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  1. would love to win this. thanks so much

  2. "I stuffed my mouth full of cheese puffs again"

    Best quote ever, yes!! Love it!

  3. This one sounds fun! Anything that talks about cheese puffs...I mean, come on, that's awesome! ;)

  4. It would be so awesome to win the Christmas prize bundle! I also have liked your facebook pages!!

  5. Pick me!!! I love a good romance. ANd although I'm not a huge fan of cheese puffs, anything with 'Magnum' in it HAS to be good!!

  6. There is nothing like a good romance !!! hot chocolate, my recliner and a good is good !!!!! I would like very much to be entered to win the Jaime Christmas Bundle.. sounds terrific !!! thanks for the chance and have a blessed day.. Rosemary Foley

  7. Thanks for stopping by ladies!! Wish you all the best with the cheese puffs, Christmas bundles, hot chocolate and the rest. :)

  8. Thanks for this Christmas bundle giveaway! Enter me in the drawing, please. Merry Christmas! Kathleen


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