Thursday, November 15, 2012

What's Your Coff----Tea?

For you tea-lovers out there, let's have a spot of tea--English style.

Tea always makes me think of the British. Probably because my favorite is Twining's English Breakfast (decaf--so I can keep drinking it all evening).

So, a bit of word news from the Brit's today....did you know that the Oxford English Dictionary picks a word of the year every year? Yep. Now ya know. So, boil your water, steep your tea and start guessing what the word of the year is for 2012.

Well, first off, it's not YOLO (you only live once).

The word....drum roll............OMNISHAMBLES:

Oxford University Press defines the word as a situation that has been mismanaged in every way with a long string of blunders and miscalculations.

So, I can't wait to twist my plot into omnishambles, or see the word in a novel.

What words would you vote for word of the year?
Do you ever read a new book and have to look up words new to your vocabulary?
Share some new words you've come across in your reading that intrigued you.


  1. Okay...I'm bragging...but since you mentioned cool words 'n stuff.
    I know the word that is the opposite of "nocturnal".
    AND I can use it in a sentence.

    And I prefer Stash Earl Grey Double Bergamot (ber-gah-moh) to all other forms of tea on the planet!

  2. Dunn Brothers Earl Grey is my favorite. :)

    I tend to find more new-to-me words in old books. And when I do, it's like finding a treasure!

  3. I love cool words, especially ones that just roll off the tongue. I must be a writer. And editor. Hehe.

  4. Jen---what's the word??
    Erica--I agree!

    Do you think that present day writers "dumb down" their vocabulary because most readers don't want to be bothered to look up a word? Or do you think readers really enjoy a good word challenge?

    1. The word is "diurnal".

      I don't want to have a book in one hand, and an "Idiot's Guide to Snooty Writing" in the other. I want to be challenged, but I don't want to feel dumb. BUT, that being said, I expect my readers to have brains and know what exoskeletons and somatic embryo-genesis are.
      Kidding. I can barely spell them!


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