Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Turkey Tales & Traditions

Thanksgiving is upon us, what will your tradition be this week?

Top 5 traditions this week at our house:
1. Bake a turkey
2. Make real mashed potatoes and gravy
3. Sleep in, then make blueberry coffee cake
3. Cut down a Christmas tree together
4. Decorate the tree

Sounds generic, but so full of family fun.

BUT, I'd love to hear some silly stories about traditions gone wrong--like baking that little bag of giblets into the turkey the first time because you didn't know what it was!? Traditions are meant to be "just right"--the same old same old.  But we all know life doesn't work out that way, and sometimes the tradition falls short and disappointments happen, expectations crash and leave us with a sense of less than what we'd dreamed of for our precious time off spent with family and friends. For these moments, a sprinkle of humor, and a barrel of laughs is just the right seasoning.

What are your traditions? Tell a time of traditions gone wrong. Let's laugh together.
Favorite family movies?
Do you travel or stay home?


  1. We're staying home, and we're having folks over, as is our tradition. I'll be making real mashed potatoes too. :)

    I blogged a few years ago about my Thanksgiving clunker. You can read about it http://onthewritepath.blogspot.com/2008/03/humble-pear-pie.html

    Happy Thanksgiving CC&C!

  2. LOL! I just realized that post is about Easter...*Facepalm*, but it's still pretty indicative of what goes on around here. :)

    1. LOL!!!! No worries - a holiday is a holiday!

  3. I don't have any THanksgiving snafus since no one trusts me to make anything but the coffee. (Smart family). Kind of bummed for this TG though. My whole family is sick and it looks like we'll be home alone (which means a TG feast of frozen pizza and Oreos). :(

  4. We always go to my brother's. My brohter fries his turkey fryer pot thingy. A few Thanksgivings ago, the il never quite got hot enough so what normally takes an hour took 3 hours. We're weren't hungry becaus there were so many apps but my poor brother was a wreck even lying on the pavement watching the turkey. We took a pciture and joked we were going to put it on the Christmas card. LOL

  5. Hello? I hope that bad typing is not me but my keyboard. LOL

    1. :)
      I'm picturing him laying on the ground waiting for the turkey!
      Have fun this year!

  6. ALL I saw in #3 was "sleep in, then make...out".

    Since I'm Canadian, y'all have a lovely day!!

    1. As always, you make me laugh! Had to read that one out loud to the hubs since he was asking what was so funny!


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