Friday, November 30, 2012

Book Report: Accidentally Amish, by Olivia Newport

Christmas tree. Check. Coffee. Double check, check, and triple check. I'm ready. To read. But not Amish. Good grief, have you SEEN the books in the Inspirational section at Walmart? Amish, Amish, Amish, Nicolas Sparks (he's inspirational?), Amish. I'm not an Amish fan. Problem is, I'm an Olivia Newport fan. Fine. I'll give it a shot.

Olivia, dear heart, you are AWESOME!! You've gained a fan of YOUR Amish novel. Accidentally Amish is everything BUT the a-typical Amish novel. No WONDER Oliva knocked this one out of the park -- or barn, might be more appropriate.

First of all - get this line #1: "His kiss was firm and lingering as he cradled her head in one broad palm". K. Yep. HELLO! That's a line-grabber. I honestly drew back and almost spilled my coffee. NOT the opening line I pictured in an Amish novel. I was expecting, "She pulled her skirt up so it wouldn't get caught in Abraham Lapp's buggy-wheel". Pleasantly, suprised. (And in case you're a concerned momma, she doesn't get any more graphic than line #1).

Ok - let me break it down Jaime-style:

Characters: Annie is ridiculously smart, a computer programmer, a smartphone eficionado, a technology guru. She's savvy, bold, a bit cunning, yet remarkably vunerable. She's a momma's girl, (cute), she's a history buff, she's in hiding for maybe her life, but definitely from her scheming partner.  Rufus is Amish (love the name "Rufus" btw). He is witty, smart, bold, unmoved by Annie's smartphone and even yanks out a suprising phone of his own. His own business is in trouble by his personal scheming enemy, yet his reaction is one of peace, while Annie makes it her mission to save hers AND his careers.

ADDED TWIST: Welcome to the Mayflower, folks. Well, not quite. BUT YES! There's a unique twist to this book. When Annie realizes she and Rufus share similar familial surnames, the reader is tossed back in time to a ship of early Amish Americans on their voyage to make a new life in the Americas. WOW! So not expecting that. It's like eating a scoop of ice cream and finding a glob of hot fudge in the middle. It's like a contemporary reader and a historical readers HEAVEN in one book. It's the uniting of all that I love, Contemporary Romance, Historical, Suspense and ... well, I don't love Amish, but hey, it works here so yes, AMISH AMISH AMISH!

Location: Ok - so Olivia Newport just keeps throwing the curveballs - or chicken eggs. It's NOT set in Pennsylvania!!! Or the east. Or the Midwest. it's set in COLORADO! Oh yeah, like THAT is my first thought when thinking of where the Amish live.

Plot: You really have to ask after my gushing in the last three paragraphs. It's there -- in spades. The story is so layered I can't even review it without giving something away.

Faith: Olivia isn't shy. Faith is intertwined in this novel with the creativity and devotion of a great author.

I LOVED THIS BOOK!! It's a perfect Christmas present -- I'm giving it to my mother-in-law for Christmas (please, Mom, don't read this blog today). SO! If you want to take part in this Amish-Suspense-Contemporary-Historical-Romance ... go here to buy your copy asap!

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  1. Oh man, this novel sounds UHmazing! What a great idea for a Christmas giveaway! Can't wait to see what else you'll review. And I love the new blog!

  2. Having read anything by Olivia yet, but I have her first novel on my Kindle. This one sounds great, and I love the cover!! So many good books, so little time. Ahhh!

  3. Wow...sounds like a good book! will have to check it out. :)


  4. Wow! I need to run out and get this book! You made it come alive for me. Thanks for this great review!


  5. Can I sign up for the free give away too!!?? (not serious, well, okay, seriously!) :)

  6. Well, if it's a non-Amish Amish novel, and you rave about it? I just might enter the draw!!!

  7. Thank you for the review and the chuckle to go with the humor woven into it. What a wonderful sounding giveaway!!

  8. I think you're all out of gush after that amazing review. Need to get my hands on this!!!

    Hugs and have a super weekend!!!
    Diane :O)

  9. Hey All! My computer won't let me reply individually to your posts for some reason :( !! But THANKS for stopping by and YES it IS just that good! :)

  10. I read the reviews for Accidentally Amish and I had to go out and buy it! Wonderful read. Please enter me again for the giveaway!

  11. Hi What a great review for Accidently Amish ~ I really need to read this book !! :-) thanks for the chance to win a REALLY GREAT PRIZE !!! :-) I love a series and since this is book 1.. there you go !! :-) thanks again, and have a blessed weekend !!! Rosemary Foley

  12. Hi Gail & Rosemary! Good luck in the drawing. Glad you have a chance at some great fun reading!


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