Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tell Me a Story

We visited my daughter this weekend at Taylor University where she studies Professional Writing. She took us to all her favorite campus spots. After meeting her advisor, we visited the University's private collection of C.S. Lewis works. You can find more information about the collection at http://library.taylor.edu/cslewis/index.shtml  Before heading to my very first la crosse game, she led us to the hall where she takes most of her classes. Though the halls were empty and the offices were closed, we still got a flavor for where she spends her time.

I was relieved to know her department head is a kindred spirit when I saw this on his office door:

Sigh.  She's in the capable hands of a good storyteller. (and he drinks a good cup of jo!)

Why should I feel so at ease? Quite simply, storytellers understand things about life that others often miss. Storytellers see and feel things, sometimes empathetic to a fault. But since I know Doc Hensley, I'm certain she's in good hands. Jesus was a storyteller after all. His parables helped people to see things in a new light, to apply wisdom where there was darkness. Before the printing press and word processor, there was oral tradition. Have you ever heard yourself say in a conversation--"go ahead, you tell it better." We have a sense that some people are gifted to tell the stories, and I believe that's true whether recounting a real life story or made up stuff. Haven't you ever "told stories" to children? Don't you remember begging at bedtime--"tell me a story!" And the best stories are better when told, and retold, cementing them deeper in our souls and spirits.

So why do we make up stuff? And why do we love to read stuff that is made up?

Because it inspires us. To remember. To love deeper. To believe harder. To hope more. To pray more often. To be something for someone. To feel that someone might understand just a flicker of our own story, even if we've never told it to anyone.

Stories change us.

Tell me a story.


  1. Good thoughts!!! Story telling is HUGE in our house! We love using our imaginations :)

  2. I love that mission statement. I also went to school for professional writing. It was a great program.

  3. Where did you go Julie? We love stories too. Reading is huge at our house. Neither Ted or I were good childhood readers. So we worked extremely hard to help our kids became great readers, and storytelling is a great part of that.

    1. I went to the University of Oklahoma. There aren't many professional writing programs out there. I was thankful that there happened to be a great one at OU.


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